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V ceně je čtvrteční oběd a večeře. (+ 18€)

(+ 15€) * Poznámka: Pokud na konferenci jedete jako manželský pár, bude tento aspekt vzán v potaz během rozřazování na pokoje, nicméně může se stát, že nám to kapacita neumožní. Pokud byste přeci jen chtěli být ubytováni samostatně, bude to s příplatkem možné. V tomto případě prosím kontaktujte organizační tým. (

Oběd bude servírován ve 12:00. (+ 3€)

Data Protection Consent

About Your Personal Data

Josiah Venture will generally be what is known as the “Processor” of the personal data that you give us. However, when we are the organizer of the event or activity for which you are registering, we will also be known as the “Controller” of the personal data you give us. We can be reached through mail, phone, or e-mail at addresses and phone numbers listed on our website: We are requesting your permission to use this data, and when you select “Yes, you can use my personal data” below, you are giving us the legal right to use the data for the reasons we list below.


What Data We Need

We only collect basic personal data about you. This data includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, date-of-birth, passport number, and dietary restrictions. This data does not include any special types of information or location-based information.


Why We Need Your Data

We need this information to register your attendance at an event or activity that you are interested in attending. We do not collect any personal information that we do not need. We collect some data, like your passport number, to make sure we are following local and national laws and regulations that apply attendees who are staying overnight in a hotel, lodge, or local school. We need some other data, like your dietary restrictions, so that you can be healthy, safe, and comfortable during the activity.


What We Do with Your Data

The data that we collect from you is used by our staff for the purposes of IT hosting and maintenance. It is also used by the event/activity organizers to help identify you and provide services to you at the event, as well as to ensure your safety and the safety of other people at the event. Your data is stored on servers located within the European Union, and anything done with your data will happen only in the European Union or in the country where the event or activity will take place. We don’t perform any automated analysis of your data, and we don’t use computers to make automatic decisions based on your data. We have a data protection policy and plan in place to make sure that we are treating your data correctly. If you ask us, we can give you more information about this plan.


How Long We Keep Your Data

We keep this data as long as you have regular contact with us, including participation in other activities or events. If something happens and we don’t see you or hear anything from you for twenty four months, we will destroy your data at that time.


What Else We Would Like to Do with Your Data

We would like to use your name and e-mail address to tell you about upcoming activities, and to check in with you occasionally. This information is not shared with any outside companies or organizations, and you can ask to be removed from our lists at any time, via e-mail or our website.


Who Can Access or Use Your Data

We will access your data so that we can store it on our servers and assist the event/activity organizers. The organizers of the event/activity will have access to your data so that they can provide a high-quality experience. Sometimes the event or activity is organized by a local church, and sometimes the event or activity is organized by a regional or national organization. Either of these types of entities will only use your data for reasons you approve. Your personal data will not be shared with any other organizations, and nobody else has access to the data that we store about you unless the law allows or requires them to have access.


What Rights You Have Regarding Your Data

If, at any time, you believe the information we have about you is incorrect, you can request to view the information and have it corrected or deleted. You can request that we delete your personal data, and we will delete it, as long as there is no law or regulation that requires us to keep it. You can also request that we limit the ways we use your data. For example, if you want to attend an event, but you never want us to e-mail you about other activities, you can tell us that, and we will respect your request. If you don’t think that we have treated your data carefully, or if you are not happy with a response you receive from us about your data, you have the right to send a complaint to the authority responsible for data protection in your country. If you have any questions about this consent, you can contact us or the event organizer.

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